Community Food Cloud

Community Food Cloud was setup and designed by the founder Mr James Robinson from Hastings in East Sussex to help and support as many less fortunate people and pets in the communities the safer way 24/7 aday to stop unsafe queuing at food banks.

The services was designed to help people including the homeless also food support for the community finding it hard to survive. While many family may struggle even dog or cat may end up not eatting for days so we created the UK first Digital food banks and pet and homeless support banks to help the community that struggle and need desecrate support.

Community Food Cloud was setup to help all forms of people, from sickness, elderly, low income families to support centres.

Community Homeless Cloud was setup to help the homeless in our community that need a tent or sleeping bag or wash kits, bottled water and breakfast bags.

Community Pet Cloud was set up to help support less fortunate families who struggle to feed their Dog or Cat.

We work organisations using the best technology on the market to give a safe as possible services to our communities.

If you’re a non profit group or Charity and would like to become a referral to our support cloud systems please contact us today or visit our sales page to join our Cloud bank support services and offer a non manned 24 hour services to your clients.